Welcome to the North Kingston Forum

The purpose of The Forum shall be to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of North Kingston by engaging in the planning of the neighbourhood throughout the North Kingston Forum Area as provided for in the Localism Act 2011.

What is Neighbourhood Planning (NPlan) all about?

Neighbourhood Planning helps shape Local Planning Policy . The NPlan will help our community to have more influence over:

  • New development design, form and location
  • Transport
  • Schools
  • Green Spaces
  • A Community Priority List of Projects with funds from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

 The North Kingston Forum will act as an umbrella organisation to consult and shape the NPlan covering Canbury and Tudor Wards.    It brings together:

  • Residents
  • Local businesses
  • Residents’ Associations
  • Councillors
  • Local Authority
  • Other key stakeholders

 Local involvement and consultation is vital in helping our community to develop a shared positive vision for the inevitable future development of North Kingston. We hope to apply to the council for designation by summer 2016.

There will be a local referendum on the NPlan once written – if adopted it becomes Local Planning Policy.

 The NPlan is about our future. Where we live, where we are raising our children, where we call home. If you care about where you live and what the future holds, please register your interest and join the North Kingston Forum by emailing us at: northkingstonforum@gmail.com


Next meeting of the North Kingston Forum

14th Meeting:

Wednesday 30th November, Hawker Centre, 7:30pm

All welcome.




13th Meeting:  


Monday 17th October The KINGSTON RIVERSIDE CLUB, 7:30pm

(Sadly The Keep Community Centre has been flooded)

Agenda to include:

  • Discussion/update on our Application for Designation of our Neighbourhood Area and Forum
  • Discussion on a proposed timeline/project plan to produce the Neighbourhood Plan
  • AOB

Location of venue:

The entrance to the club can be found at the junction of Lower Kings Road and Lower Ham Road.


12th Meeting,  Hawker Centre Mon 12th September 7:30pm

Agenda to include:

  • Any updates on our application to the council for formal designation.
  • Planning the next 12+ months of activities to help us develop our vision for the future.
  • Help that is needed to develop that vision
  • AOB

All welcome


Monday 8th August, Willoughby Arms, First Floor Function Room, 7:30pm

Agenda items:
1) 7:30pm – Update on the application for designation with the council 
2) 7:45pm – Discussion on our potential Neighbourhood Plan process.
3) 8:15pm – Generate ideas of issues/concerns and suggestions for much needed projects – start making a list .
4) 8:55pm – AOB
All welcome

Mon 4th July, St Luke’s Church 6:30pm

(St Luke’s church is at the junction of Gibbon Rd and Burton Rd)

Viv Evans head of RBK Planning and Regeneration will give a presentation on:

The proposed Opportunity Area in North Kingston – what it means for our local residents and green spaces

Opportunity Areas are London’s major source of brownfield land which have significant capacity for development – such as housing or commercial use – and existing or potentially improved public transport access.

This year the council will be consulting on the new Borough-Wide Local Plan, which it hopes to adopt by spring 2018. The proposed Kingston Opportunity Area (KOA) will make a key contribution to that new Local Plan.

All welcome




7:30PM (After Viv Evan’s presentation on the Kingston Opportunity Area)


ITEM 1: Election of the chair

ITEM 2: Feedback on the meeting with the council planners and discussion on moving forward with designation.

ITEM 3: Adoption of the draft Constitution













The Next Meeting of the North Kingston Forum:

Mon 23rd May, Willoughby Arms (first floor function room), 7:30pm


7:30-8pm AOB

8-9pm Moving the Forum forward

All welcome

The Next Meeting of the North Kingston Forum:  

Mon 4th April   7:30pm   Canbury Arms PH.


  1. Plan of action for leaflet distribution to increase membership and ensure diversity.
  2. Recently published guidance and protocols for RBK Neighbourhood Planning – implications for the Forum.

All welcome.


Check out these great Youtube videos…leaflet distribution